Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Le Tour de France
I sure wish that this year was like last year, in that daddy was between projects and working from home, thus able to watch the TdF, thus I would be able to stay home with him and watch it too. Tomorrow the real race begins - the mountain stages. I can't wait to see how Lance does. I know many people are concerned after his 2nd place finish in the Time Trial stage a couple of days ago, but I'm not. If he is anywhere near the top of his form, he'll win this race, and win it in the mountain stages.

Daddy was saying that one of the announcers on OLNTV said that if Lance is able to maintain his high cadence through the mountains, as he has done in past years, he fully expects him to win by 10+ minutes. While that would be awesome, I just don't see Lance putting that much time into the competition, but you never know. Of course I expect Lance to win, but even that is not a given. Afterall, if we absolutely knew who would win, would we bother watching?

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