Sunday, May 4, 2003

Mavericks Win Game 7
How do you like that, the Mavs were able to fight through their recent turmoil and beat the Blazers in Game 7 of the opening round of the playoffs.

Daddy has been so po'd at them recently, that me and mommy went out to do some shopping while the game was on. I guess she didn't want to be around if the Mavs lost. Too bad, I bet daddy is in a great mood now.

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Friday, July 19, 2002

Lance Armstrong Widens Overall TdF Lead
Lance put in another excellent ride, in what many consider to be the toughest stage of this years race. Led up the final climb once again by his Postal Teammate, Roberto Heras, Lance launched off the front with a few km to go, eventually opening up a 1+ minute gap on Heras and the only rider able to keep up, Joseba Beloki.

After initially pulling away, Lance stayed relatively close, hoping that Heras could crack Beloki and then join him for a 2 man ride to the top. As it turned out, Heras ended up as a carrot for Beloki, and it was too dangerous to let Heras try to pull back up with Lance.

I can't wait to get home and watch the replay of this stage with daddy!

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Thursday, July 18, 2002

Lance Armstrong Takes Tour de France Lead
As expected, Lance took the overall lead in the Tour de France and got his 13th career stage victory in the Tour. Hopefully daddy is planning on watching the highlights on OLNTV tonight.

Lance currently leads the number 2 rider, Joseba Beloki by 1:12. The best news of the day, aside from the win, is that Lance did not appear to exert much effort today, compared to his rivals. Tomorrow's stage is going to be terribly grueling, so it was good to conserve strength today.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Le Tour de France
I sure wish that this year was like last year, in that daddy was between projects and working from home, thus able to watch the TdF, thus I would be able to stay home with him and watch it too. Tomorrow the real race begins - the mountain stages. I can't wait to see how Lance does. I know many people are concerned after his 2nd place finish in the Time Trial stage a couple of days ago, but I'm not. If he is anywhere near the top of his form, he'll win this race, and win it in the mountain stages.

Daddy was saying that one of the announcers on OLNTV said that if Lance is able to maintain his high cadence through the mountains, as he has done in past years, he fully expects him to win by 10+ minutes. While that would be awesome, I just don't see Lance putting that much time into the competition, but you never know. Of course I expect Lance to win, but even that is not a given. Afterall, if we absolutely knew who would win, would we bother watching?

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Sunday, September 17, 2000

Longhorns blech
Shhh...don't tell Mommy or Daddy that I said this, but Texas sucked ass tonight. They really reminded me of the Dallas Cowboys. Daddy is pissed, uh, I mean he is mad.

Oh well, at least I got to go driving around today and see different areas of Denver. That was fun. My whole existince has been limited mostly to the south side of town. I even got to see the light rail that runs downtown. Maybe someday, I will get to ride it.

Time for bed. I haven't slept much today, and I am sure that Mommy and Daddy are ready to get some sleep.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Cowboys On TV
Hey, lookie here, Daddy gets to watch the Cowboys game this weekend.

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Monday, July 31, 2000

The first Cowboys game of the Jacob era. Good thing it is still preseason.

Daddy & I listened to the first half over the Internet. It seems that KVIL, the Cowboys flagship station out of Dallas does not broadcast online, so we had to find another station. Daddy, finally found WOAI's website. I think they are in San Antonio. Even though the Cowboys lost, we still had fun. Daddy was telling me all about the Cowboys and how they won 3 Superbowls in 4 years, and probably should have won 4 in a row if the J.J.'s ego's hadn't gotten in the way. It's too bad that Emmitt didn't play, he is Daddy's favorite.

I can't wait until the next game. They'll be in Japan, and I'll get to stay up late and actually watch the game on TV with Daddy, Uncle Steven, and Poppy (Raul).

Here comes Mommy, time for a diaper changing, got to go.

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