Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Walk This Way
I am soooo pumped on this walking stuff!!! Not only does it make Mommy and Daddy happy, but I can see so much more of the world when I am standing up and walking around. For example, I didn't know that there were more drawers in the bathroom...I thought there was only one...I never could figure out why they would put that one so low if it was the only one...now I know ;-)

Grandpa Joey and his family are coming up sometime next week. They are camping, but will visit with us for a little bit. He is so much fun!

Does anyone have any ideas about what me and Mommy should get Daddy for his first Father's Day? If you do, please email Mommy.

Peace in your hood.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2001

Big D
Well I am in Big D visiting family.

The plane ride was a bit rough. I really didn't like having to sit still for 2 hours, so I didn't ;-)

In case you are not a lucky family member who will be seeing me at some point over the weekend, let me shed some light on my recent days and weeks.

Actually, there is not too much to say, aside from the fact that I am practically walking. Yes, I still crawl alot, but when I can get to my feet (still need a little help with this), look out because I am heading your way on my feet and legs only, no hands or arms involved.

That's it, peace in your neighborhood.

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