Tuesday, August 7, 2001

Bad Dog!
Yes, it is true...I got into a fight with a dog over the weekend.

While on a short but busy trip to Dallas with Mommy and Daddy, we stopped in at my Grandpa Phil's house for a visit. All was going well, and I was having great fun playing with their dog, when she decided to bite me. Well, before I could dot both of her eyes with my lightning quick fists, my Aunt Mia snatched me from the floor and then Mommy snatched me from Aunt Mia and then Daddy snatched me from Mommy. Those women...boy were they going crazy, Dad was cool, calm, and collected, and ordered us to the Emergency Room.

So here I am, blood streaming down my face, and I have to leave. What ever happened to getting my turn? When do I get to take care of the dog? All I can say is this; dog watch your back, because soon I will be bigger than you and Aunt Mia, and faster and stronger too...you can't hold me back, you can't stop me, I'm coming after you...

Peace (except for the dog, may she have nightmares about meeting me in a dark alley),

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