Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Hey there! How are you? Great!

I watched Goldmember this evening, it was sooo funny! I especially like the scene where Fat Bastard is taking a dump and then tosses his sumo "diaper" into the laundry cart where Austin Powers is hiding. ROFL...see? I can't stop.

What else is new? Well, daddy went to Baltimore for a conference last week, so it was just me and mommy around the ol'homestead. We had a great time, but I was sure happy to see daddy when he came in late Friday night.

The other day, he was telling me about the aquarium in Baltimore. They have all sorts of cool stuff, from dolphins and sharks, to stingrays, turtles, poisonous frogs, and pot-belly seahorses. He said he is going to take me to an aquarium closer to us in the near future -- I can't wait!

Well, I better log off before daddy catches me, I am supposed to be in bed.

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