Thursday, December 14, 2000

Post Thanksgiving Update
How long has it been? Wow, over a month. That's a long time when you are less than 5 months old.

What's been happening, you ask?


We went to Dallas and Brownwood for Thanksgiving...the drive was not much fun, but once we got where we where going things were great! I got to see lots of people, some I had met when Mommy and I went to Dallas at the end of August. Mommy & Daddy, showed me around Dallas, including all the places they used to go when they lived there.

More recently, I have started rolling over. Right now, it is from my belly to my back, but I am getting close to going from my back to my belly. I think that I might try crawling in the near future. Oh, I almost the past week or so, I've started eating rice cereal with a spoon, instead of having it mixed with my formula in a bottle. It's not bad. Of course, what else have I tried?

Time for dinner, got to go.


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