Thursday, July 27, 2000

What a week!

To think, one week ago today, I was so rudely taken from my nice warm home. A home that provided my every need.

Well, life isn't so bad on the outside. I've met lots of really great people! Let's see, there was this lady named Cindy, she kept taking my picture while I was nude. I am supposed to call her something like Grandma, I think. I met Paul, and Brandon (I heard someone say "Uncle B"), Joey (supposed to call him Grandpa), Sandy, Theresa, Laurel, Stuart, Phil (another Grandpa, how confusing!) [Editor's Note - Just wait!], Gay, Mia (Auntie Mia?), Zach, and Alisa (not sure who these two belong to, but they seemed to know Daddy pretty well). Ah, that brings me to the two people I have seen the most of this past week. Mommy and Daddy. They both seem really nice, and Mommy is providing for me just like when I was inside, well almost. Anyway, they brought me home from the hospital last Sunday, and I have been looking out for them ever since. They really like making funny faces at me...I wonder if they realize how silly they look? Oh, one more thing before I go, I met two really different looking people. Molly and Denton. They live with me, Mommy, and Daddy. They are cool too. Molly likes to lick my face when I am unhappy, and Denton, just comes up and sniffs me, then walks off. I think he is moody.

Well, time for some food, and my diaper changed.....stay tuned!

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